Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

As I have said before, October is my favorite month of the year!! Family birthday’s, cooler weather for hiking in the woods, fall colors, and pumpkin pies. October and November are a time of harvest and thanks giving. I give thanks for the people of Marceline UMC and their generosity. The Building Restoration Project is complete. The new furnaces are in!! The tuck pointing is completed. We’ve got a new roof, water heater, and a security system on our front door. We are offering breakfast every Sunday!! God has used and is using you all!!

The tree leaves are beginning to change color from green to red, yellow, and orange. Actually they are revealing the color under the green chlorophyll the trees use to capture energy from the sun during the summer. We all have been gifted by God with talents that we can use to God’s glory. Sometimes our God-given colors are covered over by life’s challenges.

All of us need to grow closer to God and closer to each other and let our gifts shine to God’s glory. Let God use you and bring somebody to church.

On Sunday October 1st we will celebrate World Communion Sunday, and I will be preaching a sermon entitled "The Body of Christ," using John 6:48-51, as the scripture. Starting with verse 47, "Very truly, I tell you, whoever believes has eternal life. I am the bread of life. Your ancestors ate the manna in the wilderness, and they died. This is the bread that comes down from heaven, so that one may eat of it and not die. I am the living bread that came down from heaven. Whoever eats of this bread will live forever; and the bread that I will give for the life of the world is my flesh."

It is my hope that all of us will invite folks to breakfast and help them hear about Jesus, and then the Holy Spirit will help them to start believing. We will continue to grow together to God’s Glory and live out the purpose of the church, "To Make More Disciples for Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World!" Let’s help folks have a bite of The Bread of Life.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Doug


Orpha Circle/Rummage Sale

Orpha Circle will not meet in October. Instead we will be having our Annual Rummage Sale. You may drop off your donation items in the pie room. We will start setting up on Monday, October 9 and October 10th. The sale will open on October 11th at 8am and continue through Saturday October 14th. Please stop by and shop. The Festival of Sharing kits are due by October 13th.

 Calling All Youth!

There will be a bonfire with the Catholic youth on Sunday, October 29th at 5pm at the home of Tom and Tonya Kelly at 31274 Highway JJ in Marceline. We will have hotdogs, s’mores, and have some Halloween activities. All youth from 6th grade through 12th grade are welcome, and you are welcome to bring friends! If you have questions, please contact Andrea Vandeloecht or Julie Sheerman.

Serve Day

We will be holding an all church "Serve Day" on Saturday, October 7th. We will have a light breakfast at 8:00am. At 8:30 we will have a brief "sending forth" with volunteers disbursing to work at the school, city or individual houses. You may select which job best fits you. There is something for every age and ability. At 11:30am we will gather at the church for a closing and pizza. If you can not stay for the entire morning, please come anyway and work when you can. If you have questions, please contact Eleanor Ravens. Hope to see you on the 7th!

Parish Nursing Notes

Monthly Blood Pressure screening will be held on Sunday, October 1st right after church.

We can also check your pulse and oxygen saturation level.

A final date has been set for CPR class. It is scheduled for Sunday, October 15th. Lunch is being provided by Dale and Susan Mosier and will be served after church. CPR class will start at 12:30pm in the church basement. Please allow 3 to 4 hours for class. Don Henke and the Linn County Ambulance staff will be the instructors. Because of the large number of participants, this class is a class for the general public and will not provide a book or a certificate, which is required for some occupations. However, there will be 5 to 6 instructors and you will walk away with the knowledge and skill to be able to perform CPR if the situation ever arises. There is no cost for the class. Dress should be comfortable and for ladies, especially, remember that you will be on your knees on the floor for mannequin practice, so you may want to take that into consideration with your attire. Because the basement floor is concrete we will have some mats or pads, but if you have knee pads, or gardening pads, please bring them with you. Susan and I are ecstatic with the number of people who have shown an interest in learning CPR, and are thankful for the support everyone has provided.


Carol Klingsmith, R.N.

If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be one unto you. - John 15:7
Mission Thank You...

Backpack Memorization Continues

We will give out another backpack memorization tag with the October/November verses on it the first Sunday in October to all students. A basket in the back of the sanctuary will hold the extras if you cannot attend on October 1st. Pick them up anytime. You can say your August verse (I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! Phillipians 4:13) and September verse (Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be people of courage; be strong! 1 Corinthians 16:13) to any Sunday school teacher. The Sunday school teacher will give the student a star on the chart that is downstairs for every month’s verse that is memorized. You can say any verse, anytime. Just make sure you memorize the location of the verse in the bible too! In July, we will be taking a trip with all of those who hae memorized all 12 verses and can recite them.

Use To Share Your Faith

If you have not signed up to use our Netflicks for Christian site called, it is not too late. You can go to and sign up for your account or contact Donna Moore and she can send you a link. I encourage you to have your unchurched friends, friends with children and relatives sign in too. Right Now Media also encourages us to use it as a witnessing tool. While visiting with their representative, she shared that we have 70 people in our church actively using Right Now Media at least once a week, if not daily. Go Marceline UMC!!

MIXED-UP Small Group

Our small group is called the "mixed-up" group not because of our mental state (but that is the case sometimes), but because we have such a wide variety of ages...15 to 70 something. But, it works. Come and join us on Sunday mornings at 9am and find out. We are currently doing a video bible study called UNSTUCK. The Unstuck Bible study has been designed to help guide you out of the ruts and pitfalls that so often ensnare us all. You will be inspired and equipped through the powerful biblical teaching of Mark Batterson, Francis Chan, Lisa Harper and Rich Stearns. Each of these teachers will draw from the lessons of the award-winning short film Journey to Jamaa-a true story about two kids who are forced to search for hope in a broken world. The dynamic combination of the film, profound biblical teaching and powerful real-life stories from everyday people will help us all get unstuck and back o the path to a life of purpose that God intends for you!

Sharing Table

We will have a special craft and gift sharing table in the back of the sanctuary on Sunday, November 19th. We are letting you know early so you have plenty of time to make or prepare items for sale. This will be an opportunity to create or purchase gifts for the holiday season or just purchase something you can use or like. Everything will be for sale for a donation with all funds being given to eight service organizations headquartered in Missouri.

Mission Breakfast

There will be a Mission Breakfast on Sunday Oct. 15. The 8:30 breakfast time will be extended to 9:15 to accommodate our usual Mission Breakfast schedule. Feel free to come at our regular time of 9:00am to eat and stay for the short video about one of our ongoing mission projects supported by our church.

Boy Scout Thank You

Marceline Boy Scout Troop 99 would like to thank the Methodist church for their support in the Scout garage sale. We raised $582.59!! We could not have done it without the use of the basement and all the generous donations of items and money from all of you.

Joy - Adult SS Class

Our class will be starting a new seccion using Adam Hamilton’s book, CREED. It examines what Christians believe. All are welcome.

Festival of Sharing - 2017 Missouri Packs

Readin’ & Writin’ Pack

6 new pencils with erasers,  2” eraser,  2 ink pens (med. point),  1 box of 24 crayons, 10 pack markers,

1 pencil holder  12” ruler  4 folders with pockets  1 pair metal scissors-child sized 2 spiral notebooks (140 pgs.) Place small items inside the pencil holder. Place all items in 2-2.5 gallon zip lock bags.

Paper Products Pack

3 pkgs toilet tissue (4 dbl rolls),  2 rolls paper towels (good quality),  2 facial tissue (large rectangular boxes). Place all items in a tall-sized kitchen trash bag. Close securely.

Baby Bundle Pack

2 receiving blankets,  3 pack of onesies,  1 sweater or sweatshirt for warmth,

2 sleepers (1 piece or gown),  8-12 diapers (cloth or disposable),  4 diaper pins (if cloth diapers are enclosed). Please send newborn to six month sized items. Place items in 2-2.5 gallon zip lock bags.

Student Dental Pack

1 fluoride toothpaste, 6 oz or more,  4 child size soft toothbrushes,  1 dental floss any size,

2 adult soft toothbrushes. Place items inside a 1 gallon zip lock bag.

Family Food Pack

3 cans assorted vegetables,  3 cans assorted fruits,  3 cans tuna,  1 can pasta sauce,

1 pound pasta,  1 jar peanut butter,  3 cans chicken, 3 packages macaroni & cheese. Place items in a sturdy box (Girl Scout Thin Mint boxes are ideal) Label Missouri Family Food Box.

Youth Personal Hygiene Pack

1 chapstick, 1 3oz bottle hand sanitizer, 1 fleece throw, 1 washcloth, 1 deodorant, 1 toothbrush and 1 travel size toothpaste, 3 ink pens, 1 journal, 1 travel size lotion, 1 travel shampoo and 1 travel conditoner, 1 box medicated facial cleansing pads (such as Stridex), 1 men’s body spray OR 1 small package of feminine pads or tampons. Put all items in a drawstring bag approximately 17”x24”. Please use solid color fabric to allow the teen to personalize the bag.

Women’s Prison Pack

1 shampoo, 12-16oz size, alcohol-free only, must be transparent, 1 tube toothpaste, 6-6.4oz size, alcohol free only. *Acceptable brands: All types of Ultrabrite, Colgate, Crest, Aquafresh and Gleem, 1 deodorant 2-3oz size, alcohol free only, no roll-ons, no men’s brands. *Acceptable brands: Revlon Hi & Dri, Lady Mitchum Clean Gel, Crystal Clean Deodorant, Almay Clear Gel, Simple Basic Clear Deodorant, 3-4 oz. Petroleum Jelly tube. NO pencils, paper and envelopes, or toothbrushes. Place items in a 1 gallon bag and punch a hold in the upper right corner so it cannot be sealed tightly.

Backpacks of Love

1 small backpack (No backpacks with wheels), 1 small stuffed animal,

1 t-shirt child size medium, child large or adult small, 1 pkg of 3 pair underpants,

1 pair socks, 1 child narrow tooth comb, 1 youth toothbrush soft, unopened, original pkg.,

1 tube child flavored toothpaste, 4-6oz.  A small quilt or blanket already donated will be added to the kit. Please pack all items in the backpack.

2016 Kits for Church World Service

Clean-up Buckets

5-gallon bucket with resealable lid. Fast-food restaurant or bakery buckets can be used if clean. Do not use buckets that have stored chemicals such as paint or pool cleaner. Advertisements on the outside are acceptable. 1-50oz or 2-25oz liquid laundry detergent (bottles only), 12-16oz bottle liquid household cleaner that can be mixed with water, no spray cleaners, 1-16-28oz bottle dish soap, any brand, 1 can air freshener (aerosol or pump), 1-6-14oz insect repellant (aerosol or spray pump with protective cover), 1 scrub brush (pastic or wooden), 18 cleaning wipes, single use or reusable, no terry cleaning towels, remove from packaging, 1-100ft or 2-50ft clothesline (cotton or plastic), 50 clothespins, 24-roll heavy duty trash bags 33 to 45 gallon sizes, remove from the box, 1 pair work gloves, cotton with leather palm or all leather, 5 dust masks, 7 sponges assorted sizes, remove from wrapper, 2 pairs kitchen gloves, should be durable for multiple uses, remove from packaging, 5 scouring pads, no stainless steel, brillo pads, or SOS pads, no pads with soap infused, remove from wrapper.

Place all liquid items in the bucket first. Place remaining items in the bucket, fitting them around and between the liquid items. Sponges, scouring pads, clothespins, and trash bags can be separated in order to fit all of the items in the bucket.

Hygiene Kit

1 hand towel,  1 wide-tooth comb,  1 nail clippers, 1 washcloth,  6 standard size band-aids, 

1 bar of soap (bath size in wrapper),  1 toothbrush (in original packaging).

Seal all items in a one-gallon plastic bag with zipper closure.

School Kit

1 pair blunt metal scissors (rounded tip),  1 box of 24 crayons,  1 12” ruler,  1 large eraser,

6 new pencils with erasers,  1 hand held pencil sharpener,  Three 70-count spiral notebooks or notebooks totaling 200-210 pages, no loose leaf or filler paper, 1-12”x14” to 14” x 17” finished size, cotton or light-weight canvas bag with cloth handles. Place the items in the bag. (Canvas bags can be made or purchased locally.

October News Update