Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

   October is my favorite month of the year!! Family birthdays, cooler weather for hiking in the woods, fall colors, and pumpkin pies. October and November are a time of harvest and thanks giving. I give thanks for the people of Marceline UMC and their generosity. We’ve received a good start of our capital funds in hand towards our “Building Restoration Project” along with a good start towards the approximately $100,000 needed to restore our building. The new furnaces have already been put in!! The tuck pointing is going to be completed this fall (we hope). It’s so amazing to be this far already!

      Hope and I just got back from our Colorado vacation on Monday evening 9/26. It was so wonderful to be with my bride and experience God’s creation in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

  The journey was great but it was so good to get home to our own bed and hear the comfort of the train whistles. The aspens were changing from green to bright yellow and some brilliant spots of orange. It almost looked like some of the trees had caught fire!

      Here in Missouri, the tree leaves will soon begin to change color from green to red, yellow and orange. Actually they are revealing the color under the green chlorophyll the trees use to capture energy from the sun during the summer. We all have been gifted by God with talents that we can use to God’s glory. Sometimes our God-given colors are covered over by life’s challenges.

      On Sunday October 2nd I will be preaching a sermon entitled “Rekindle the Gift,” using 2nd Timothy 1:6-7 as the scripture. The Apostle Paul wrote to his ministry student, Timothy, “For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you through the laying on of my hands. For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.” (NIV)

      Paul challenged Timothy to “fan into flame the gift of God.” I invite you and challenge you to also “fan into flame the gift of God,” that you have been given. What is your gift? If you don’t know come and talk to me. “Fan into flame the gift of God,” so we can continue to grow together to God’s Glory and live out the purpose of the church, “To Make More Disciples for Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World!”

      Grace and Peace,
      Pastor Doug

Youth Bible Study

The middle school and high school youth will begin a new study on October 9th titled “Eternity” by Francis Chan. This study will discuss what scripture says about Eternity and what misconceptions there are about heaven and hell. Check it out on ahead of time you are curious, but please come and join us on Sunday mornings!

 Youth Group Bike Ride in Rocheport, October 9th

All youth 6th grade and up are invited to a bike ride and picnic on the Katie Trail on Sunday, Oct. 9th. We will leave right after church for Rocheport. You will need to bring your bike, a backpack with your picnic lunch, and a water bottle. You are also welcome to bring a friend IF you let me know by Oct. 1st if they are coming so I can make sure we have enough transportation. I also need adults willing to drive and ride with us. We are looking for an enclosed trailer or one with sides that will hold 15 to 20 bikes. Does anyone know if we could borrow the boy scout trailer that sits in our parking lot? It should be a beautiful fall day. Please let Donna Moore or Julie Sheerman know if you can join us.


By the time you receive this newsletter the new furnaces will have been installed and for the first time we will have a centralized air conditioned dining room and kitchen. We will begin saving on our fuel bill this winter as a result of this timely transformation and the support of you, our congregation.
            Roger Fellmann, Trustee

Talented People Needed or Just WILLING People for Youth Center

Arch & Evie Philips are doing a great job with the after school program at the youth center! They have 10 kids (K-6th grade) currently enrolled that receive help with their homework every day by retired school teachers! What they need now are people who would share a special activity or talent with the kids between 4:30 & 5:30. Maybe bake cookies with them or teach them to play the guitar. Maybe do a special craft with them, teach them how to knit or embroider, or just have a game day with them. You don’t have to commit to helping once a week, although that would be great, but just commit for 1 or 2 hours once a month or every other month! If you are interested in sharing your time, talent, or carft, please call Evelyn Philips at 660-412-1086.

Festival of Sharing

Kits for Festival of Sharing need to be in the church by Oct. 7th in order to take them to Macon on the 8th from 9am-1pm. The Orpha Circle ladies have already assembled 18 Health and Hygiene Kits. I know of a number of school kits ready to go. What will YOU be contributing this year? All of the kits are essential to the well being of people in MO and around the world. Last year they had requests for 6020 Paper Product kits, but only had 830 to give out. Other kits are desperately needed too. If you don’t have the time to assemble a kit, a cash equivalent (or any amount) would be wonderful and can be designated for a certain kit, or to be used “where needed most.” Used bicycles are also needed. Best choice labels bring 3 cents each and go to feed the hungry. Lists are are right here in this newsletter and also in the back of the church.

Rummage Sale

The all church rummage sale will be held from 7am to 5pm October 10th-14th and on Saturday, October 15th from 7am until noon. We will be setting up starting October 4th. All donations are welcome and appreciated. Thanks for making the annual Orpha Circle rummage sale the success it has been and will be. Money raised is used locally in the schools, youth center, CHAMPS, our own church restoration project, mission projects, Christmas baskets, and helping those in crisis situations.

Mission Breakfast

There will be a mission breakfast on Sunday, October 23 at 9:00am in the church dining room with a short film on missions afterward. If you would be able to provide a breakfast food item, there is a sign-up sheet in the back of the sanctuary. See you on the 23rd!

Thank You...

A big thank you to all who purchased luminaries and/or donated homegrown or homemade items for the silent auction basket for the American Cancer Society Relay for Life on September 17. We provided 34 luminaries in honor or memory of someone with cancer. Our auction basket contained fresh produce, homemade bread, apple butter, salsa and jelly. Good job!

 Thank you to everyone who donated food for the tour lunch on September 24th. We will be having a large tour on October 19th so we will be needing your help again.

           The Church Basement Ladies

Joyful Notes!!

 Greetings In Jesus Name,

   October is here and so is the promise of cooler weather. The children are back in school and our winter routines are beginning to take shape. The choir is now meeting every Wednesday at 5:30pm. If you enjoy singing the worship songs in our services I would like to invite you to come visit our choir practice and become a part of the choir. We all have a good time fellowshipping and singing for the glory of God. I would like to see some of the youth come and be a part. Their input could be very valuable to us as a choir now and in the future. If you need transportation we will make sure you have a ride.

    My surgery is this month. It will be on October 10th, so I will be out of circulation for much of this month. My thanks to everyone that has supported me and filled in the gap when I was unable to keep up. My heart felt love goes out to everyone. So many have expressed their concern and shown their love in so many ways. It has been a difficult journey and I could not have made it without my church family. But it is almost over and I am looking forward to being able to serve my church with a renewed strength and with as much love as you have shown me.

     Have a blessed month.


Festival of Sharing - 2016 Missouri Packs

Readin’ & Writin’ Pack

6 new pencils with erasers,  2” eraser,  2 ink pens (med. point),  1 box of 24 crayons, 10 pack markers,

1 pencil holder  12” ruler  4 folders with pockets  1 pair metal scissors-child sized 2 spiral notebooks (140 pgs.) Place small items inside the pencil holder. Place all items in 2-2.5 gallon zip lock bags.

Paper Products Pack

3 pkgs toilet tissue (4 dbl rolls),  2 rolls paper towels (good quality),  2 facial tissue (large rectangular boxes). Place all items in a tall-sized kitchen trash bag. Close securely.

Baby Bundle Pack

2 receiving blankets,  3 pack of onesies,  1 sweater or sweatshirt for warmth,

2 sleepers (1 piece or gown),  8-12 diapers (cloth or disposable),  4 diaper pins (if cloth diapers are enclosed). Please send newborn to six month sized items. Place items in 2-2.5 gallon zip lock bags.

Student Dental Pack

1 fluoride toothpaste, 6 oz or more,  4 child size soft toothbrushes,  1 dental floss any size,

2 adult soft toothbrushes. Place items inside a 1 gallon zip lock bag.

Family Food Pack

3 cans assorted vegetables,  3 cans assorted fruits,  3 cans tuna,  1 can pasta sauce,

1 pound pasta,  1 jar peanut butter,  3 cans chicken, 3 packages macaroni & cheese. Place items in a sturdy box (Girl Scout Thin Mint boxes are ideal) Label Missouri Family Food Box.

Youth Personal Hygiene Pack

1 chapstick, 1 3oz bottle hand sanitizer, 1 fleece throw, 1 washcloth, 1 deodorant, 1 toothbrush and 1 travel size toothpaste, 3 ink pens, 1 journal, 1 travel size lotion, 1 travel shampoo and 1 travel conditoner, 1 box medicated facial cleansing pads (such as Stridex), 1 men’s body spray OR 1 small package of feminine pads or tampons. Put all items in a drawstring bag approximately 17”x24”. Please use solid color fabric to allow the teen to personalize the bag.

Women’s Prison Pack

1 shampoo, 12-16oz size, alcohol-free only, must be transparent, 1 tube toothpaste, 6-6.4oz size, alcohol free only. *Acceptable brands: All types of Ultrabrite, Colgate, Crest, Aquafresh and Gleem, 1 deodorant 2-3oz size, alcohol free only, no roll-ons, no men’s brands. *Acceptable brands: Revlon Hi & Dri, Lady Mitchum Clean Gel, Crystal Clean Deodorant, Almay Clear Gel, Simple Basic Clear Deodorant, 3-4 oz. Petroleum Jelly tube. NO pencils, paper and envelopes, or toothbrushes. Place items in a 1 gallon bag and punch a hold in the upper right corner so it cannot be sealed tightly.

Backpacks of Love

1 small backpack (No backpacks with wheels), 1 small stuffed animal,

1 t-shirt child size medium, child large or adult small, 1 pkg of 3 pair underpants,

1 pair socks, 1 child narrow tooth comb, 1 youth toothbrush soft, unopened, original pkg.,

1 tube child flavored toothpaste, 4-6oz.  A small quilt or blanket already donated will be added to the kit. Please pack all items in the backpack.

2016 Kits for Church World Service

Clean-up Buckets

5-gallon bucket with resealable lid. Fast-food restaurant or bakery buckets can be used if clean. Do not use buckets that have stored chemicals such as paint or pool cleaner. Advertisements on the outside are acceptable. 1-50oz or 2-25oz liquid laundry detergent (bottles only), 12-16oz bottle liquid household cleaner that can be mixed with water, no spray cleaners, 1-16-28oz bottle dish soap, any brand, 1 can air freshener (aerosol or pump), 1-6-14oz insect repellant (aerosol or spray pump with protective cover), 1 scrub brush (pastic or wooden), 18 cleaning wipes, single use or reusable, no terry cleaning towels, remove from packaging, 1-100ft or 2-50ft clothesline (cotton or plastic), 50 clothespins, 24-roll heavy duty trash bags 33 to 45 gallon sizes, remove from the box, 1 pair work gloves, cotton with leather palm or all leather, 5 dust masks, 7 sponges assorted sizes, remove from wrapper, 2 pairs kitchen gloves, should be durable for multiple uses, remove from packaging, 5 scouring pads, no stainless steel, brillo pads, or SOS pads, no pads with soap infused, remove from wrapper.

Place all liquid items in the bucket first. Place remaining items in the bucket, fitting them around and between the liquid items. Sponges, scouring pads, clothespins, and trash bags can be separated in order to fit all of the items in the bucket.

Hygiene Kit

1 hand towel,  1 wide-tooth comb,  1 nail clippers, 1 washcloth,  6 standard size band-aids, 

1 bar of soap (bath size in wrapper),  1 toothbrush (in original packaging).

Seal all items in a one-gallon plastic bag with zipper closure.

School Kit

1 pair blunt metal scissors (rounded tip),  1 box of 24 crayons,  1 12” ruler,  1 large eraser,

6 new pencils with erasers,  1 hand held pencil sharpener,  Three 70-count spiral notebooks or notebooks totaling 200-210 pages, no loose leaf or filler paper, 1-12”x14” to 14” x 17” finished size, cotton or light-weight canvas bag with cloth handles. Place the items in the bag. (Canvas bags can be made or purchased locally.

October News Update