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Sunday School 9:00 AM
Worship 10:00 AM

Our hope and prayer is that you become a deeply devoted follower of Jesus Christ.  Our mission is to help you do that.  No matter where you are in your faith journey, we invite you to take the next step.  Learn about our Path of Discipleship and how best to grow in your relationship with God.

1. Invitational Environments
Events where friends and family can experience our church in a non-worship atmosphere.  See what's coming up on our event calendar. 

2. Worship
Attend worship as often as you can, and when you are out of town try to attend a church wherever you are.

3. Membership Exploration Class
The place to begin.  Learn more about our church, how to get involved, or how to become a member.  This three session class will be led by Pastor Doug, covering the history to the church universal, the United Methodist Denomination, and our Church, Marceline UMC and will be offered at least 3 times a year usually on Sunday immediately after church.

4. Membership
Become an invested part of this community by committing to support the church with your prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness.

5. Life Resources
Resources for every stage of your life.  Congregational care, bible studies, support groups, and classes on parenting, relationships, arts, recreation, and financial guidance.

6. GroupLife
Discipleship happens best in smaller communities where you can do life and faith together. Connect, learn, grow and reflect Christ's nature to the world by joining a small group or Sunday morning class.

7. Serve
Reach out beyond the walls of the church, into our community and around the world, providing help and hope to those in need.

8. Regular Giving
When we return a portion of our financial blessings to God, we create an opportunity for God to work through us and through our church.

9. Leadership
Turn back and guide others through the discipleship path.

History of the Marceline United Methodist Church 
Marceline became a city in 1888. As long as there has been a Marceline, there has been a Methodist 
congregation serving the Lord. In fact, in the beginning there were two: north and south branches. 
The earliest meeting place of record was at the Locust Ridge School on W. Broadway. That particular 
building was later sold and moved in town to serve as the black population’s church. In the meantime 
the Methodists (and other denominations) met in the Butler building for services. This was until a new 
building on W. Gracia Street (between Mulberry and Chestnut) could be completed. 
It was in 1908 that the two branches of the Methodist faith merged and the present church building was 
planned. For two or three years before completion of the new church, both congregations worshipped 
in the former South Methodist Church. (This church was converted into a residence and still stands on 
its original plot just west of the present church on Santa Fe Street.) This building was the first church 
built in Marceline. The deed was acquired in 1910, the cornerstone set in 1911, and the structure 
finished and dedicated on March 24, 1912. 
By 1916 the church purchased a Pilcher pipe organ for the grand sum of $2200. The Wicks Organ 
Company restored the pipe organ in 1958. Other improvements to this building have included a 
complete remodeling and refurnishing o the interior in 1956. A new arrangement of the sanctuary was 
perhaps the biggest change. 
It was in 1967 that disaster struck. A fire in the attic caused great damage to the interior and the organ. 
Again, restoration was necessary. That same year, a new parsonage was built on Huntoon Street. 
A tornado in 1971 damaged the beautiful stained glass windows and the landmark bell tower. The 
windows had to be taken to Kirksville to be repaired. A few years later the bell was reestablished on the 
ground and the tower enclosed when it was determined to be a real danger. Later in 1997 a new cross 
was erected where the old bell tower once stood. 
As our congregation grew so did the needs of our church. A new educational wing was completed in 
1980. The kitchen was updated in 1994. About the time we purchased additional property to enlarge 
the parking area as well. Our most recent project has been restoring the basement after a flash flood in 
2009 damaged the interior of the basement. The fellowship hall, the restrooms and several storage 
areas had to be gutted, waterproofed, and redecorated. 
In 1968 the United Brethren Churches joined forces with the Methodist churches and the members 
worldwide became known as United Methodists. Our church building and names may have changed 
over the years but the spirit of the Lord is evident in all our activities. We are proud to have had this 
building as our flagship for the past 100 years. As we enter the second century on the corner of Kansas 
Avenue and Santa Fe streets, we look forward to serving and witnessing for the Lord in our little community.